Instagram – The Ex-boyfriend

The hardest part about moving on from a broken relationship is moving on. Really it is all in the phrase “moving on”. When you are with someone, you spend a lot of time talking or making mental notes about the things you want to talk about. You manage your schedule in consideration of the other person as much as you can and trust me breaking away from that can be pretty difficult. You do not always want an ex back, especially if the conditions around which you broke up still exist, but breaking loose from the routine takes some work, especially for us girls.
Delm, it’s the bloody routine. You talked five times a day, had movie nights once in two months, went on holiday together once a year, used to go to church together on Sundays, spent the last three valentine’s day together. You know all his phone numbers, his best – friend, the names of his aunties and uncles, you talked about his ex’s and why things ended and the list goes on. And then all of a sudden, one day, it ends. Regardless of who ends it there is still some space and time to fill. Have you ever heard about the rebound concept? Aha it is all about filling that empty space.
A few weeks ago, my very good friend told me she went off Instagram because it was a waste of her time and because she thought she will rather do more important things such as reading, managing her business and career. By the time she was done speaking to me, I had this “ah it is true o” experience.
After much analysis I realized I spent a lot of time scrolling through my phone to either update a picture on Instagram or to view other people’s updates. In fact I made two Instagram videos. I could really use my time doing more productive things. It is a good argument to say that not everyone on Instagram is addicted to Instagram, correct.
However, I thought to let it go altogether for two reasons. The people that are really in my life, know what is going on already two since I left Instagram only the people that really matter to me anyway noticed. So in my mother tongue “Ki La n fa ni” (what is the purpose).
Let me not lie “sha”, I have missed my ex and even though I don’t want us back together ever again, I still miss it – Instagram. Let us not lose sight of the fact that I am still talking about Instagram. I promise I really am. I have chosen to use the free time to read a few books and I must say I am enjoying the transition.
I am getting out of the old scrolling habit and I am back doing things that really matter; Instagram has nothing on me. It has only being two weeks so I am still very vulnerable.
With all this said I done I hope I am done with Instagram for good and that If I ever go back I will have the discipline to stay on only for as long as it is necessary.
There goes my 530 words on Instagram, just Instagram I promise.

 That beng said , there is still black berry and whats app to deal with lol. 



Late night musings : New year Old year

It has been a while (covering face). Can I just say that I did not have a laptop for a while. 

Its two days to the end of the year and Cliché as it may sound, I am grateful for 2013. My year of self discovery. Well lets say I got to know myself better. My weaknesses, pretences, failures, strengths, values.. Still Learning. 

Omo I grew up a little bit, made new friends lost some friends. What can I say. Looking forward to a glorious future. The lord is my strength and your strength. I have absolutely nothing to write today, forgive me. With life comes hope and I am thankful for the hope of forgiveness, the hope of good health, the hope of a family and children and love. The hope for change and daily growth.. The hope for grace.. 


Happy happy happy new year…

Shopping of Life

This one is going to be short don’t worry.

Some of my friends think i am not a fashionista, well na them sabi. Lol.

I would not say I love to shop but I would say I love a good bargain. When i settle down to shop i think i try, The only problem is i don’t do it often enough to be a baffer. Yes I would rather spend my money on T-bills and bonds. Lol.

The thing with shopping is that there are many shoppers who go crazy especially in sale. Last week i went to a store on sale. I had spotted this lovely body con dress. The dress was white in front and lined with black on the right. I checked the size and it was a size 20. In my mind am like even my mum after 5 children is not size 20 mschew. I kept searching for the outfit because i had already matched it with my some shoes and a nice jacket for work and may a nice dangling earring for church or dinner or a date. Next thing, this babe finds the dress in our size before I do. I stood beside her pretending to be checking out another dress. She was checking out the dress and trying to decide whether to take it or not. I was literally praying and hanging around hoping that she would drop the outfit.  The babe refused to drop my dress oo. I was so so sad but soon enough i got 3 nice tops to mend my broken heart.

SShheeck out my combinations……


And thats all folks.



Hi my name is Adefunke and I am AS

A colleague and I had a great lunch today and she concluded that i am crazy because I jokingly said i introduce myself by saying, my name is Adefunke and I am AS. Lol

The first time i found out i was AS was in secondary school during medicals. We had all been mandated to check our genotype, blood group, HIV status and the whole nine yards. I am not sure which of my parents is AS as they both claim to be AA. Lmao. (am not adopted, rolling my eyes).

Anyways, I took my medical report back home to my parents during the holiday and i remember them being confused. *Can you imagine that back in the day people did not use to do medical checks before getting married* My little brain did not understand what the issue was all i remember is that after that day i knew i could not marry anyone that is AS or can I? Omo, Gba O I will rather not. i have seen some SS cases, in fact someone in my school died because she was SS. 

Anyway, I came across this really hot Celeb Las Alonso and he is SS. He looks so healthy. Those biceps, don’t look SS at all. The guy is fresh to death. GCHIA in Ryan Lochtes voice. *Let us just move on*



I usually just tell a guy ,early enough, that on that list (you know the girls list they all talk about) AA genotype is on that list yo. Lol, can you blame a chic?. There is another perspective though. The faith perspective. I need to build enough of that before i get to the point where i can say being AS doesn’t matter to me.

Should it really matter? with this age of technology? Hmm. If you have an answer holla. In the end though I know that a healthy child comes from God and I pray for healthy wonderful chubby children with a lot of hair and kissable lips. mwah.

Is it ok though for two AS people to get married? There is now better technology and of recent I think the death rate has declined. Abi Ki lo feel?

Good night ladies and gentlemen.

Living a Little

If you know me well enough, you would know that I am an ‘analyser of life’. I don’t really like to take any chances. I think I have a list for everything. So there is the pros list and the Cons list and then voila after trying to check that everything is ‘seemingly’ perfect I decide on what to do.
Has it worked so far? Sometimes but not really. Some things I worried about last year are the least of my worries right now. That is just life. You can only try to make a wise decision but staying safe does not work all the time. I am learning to analyse the risks, check the controls in place and pray like crazy that I am on the right track.

So with this in mind, it was like play like play that I surprised myself and decided to jump a cliff. Well, not really jump off a cliff, it was more like slide off a 280m mountain , 2km from beginning of the slide to the end of the slide.

Don’t be distracted by the fact that I have grown a little fatter. Lol. This was me having fun (at first) and psyching myself up mentally.


Out of body experience. Am I doing this for real? But seriously what if something happened? I asked for a helmet, none available because it was not needed. If you fall from that height helmet or no helmet you are going to see the lord. 🙂


Relax and go with the flow..IMG_0103

Fly like a bird. Thank God I made it. I was in cloud 9 when I landed. I could not believe I actually did it. If fear was a human being, I would call him a retard.

By the way, I finally did the root canal and if I knew it was this ‘unpainful’ I would have done it since (te-te). We cant always know the outcome of everything (welcome to real life). Apparently you need to take the plunge and plan properly for the best outcome.

Baba God noni please help me oo and whoever reads this. It is easier written than done but we have to take the calculated risks. 🙂

Life is beautiful, life is short. Live a little .

Dentist Dilemma

 There are a few things that really scare me. Somewhere on the top of that list is Dentist appointments. Let me give you a brief background.

One day, in my 300 level at ‘Uni’, I woke up with a terrible fever and a headache. I could not eat, I was weak and everything around me just irritated me. The next day i tried to chew on my right side and bang the pain was terrriibbbllleee. Can you imagine that all that pain was caused by tooth ache?. I stuck to chewing on my left side for about a year or so before getting a permanent filling.

One year or so after, I went to Silverbird cinemas, on my way back from a Clients office, to get popcorn. I joyfully ate my popcorn until i had only the ‘unpopped corn’ at the bottom of the pack. Instead of me to respect myself i started chewing , grr grr grr and next thing, snap and my filling broke. I left it unattended to for another couple of months before going to the dentist. Then i got a temporary feeling and i never went back, well, until now.

So, a few days ago i came across this swelling in my gum. It looked like a small lump and boy i was worried. I immediately called the Dentist and set up a consultation time with the him. So I walked into the office, happy to finally have the courage to go to dentist. The office was clean and I felt very comfortable with the way the place generally looked. A girl walked out of the consultation room and in my imagination she looked pretty pleased, my mind was at even more ease. I told the nurse i was only there for consultation because i was conscious of the fact that i did not have so much money on me as I went with the consultation fee and some extra incase of any surprises. I just could not afford too many surprises.

The dentist came in an asked me to lie down, I have never been so vulnerable in my life. At the mercy of the dentist and managing the rate of ouch, ucch, arrggh coming out of my mouth. He kept saying open wider and putting all sorts of instruments into my tooth. After a while, I decided that closing my eyes would help me focus less on the dentist and think less of the pain. Next thing, I remembered a documentary i had watched about street dentists in Mumbai who used both their hands and some unsterilized tools to pull out people’s teeth. As, my dentist is Indian the thought only made me weaker and I started thinking things. What if he was a dentist with fake certificate? Was he even doing the right thing? What if he made a really bad mistake?. I managed to wait till the end without a heart attack. Guess what… At the end of my consultation , was told that i had up to 7 holes to fill and a root canal treatment to do. Why did i wait this long I asked myself? Seriously, why?

You know the thing with fear is that it makes you procrastinate, it gives you a good reason to run away, never solves the problem and in fact worsens the problem. Sometimes you have to close you eyes and jump. Trust your gut and pray that you are making the right decision. Apparently it takes responsibility to make certain decisions and stick to it no matter what. Running is easy, but doing the right thing at the right time is definitely more rewarding.

I actually said a little prayer on the dentist’s chair. All i did was ask God to help me face my fears so I can deal with them quickly. I did not die at the dentist and it seems that if I faced the rest of my fears, I have a big chance of surviving them.

So help me God.

Xoxo It is exactly 11:13pm………….. Good night yall